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Emotions and expression in the paintings of Serghei Ghetiu, a Moldovan living in Lithuania

Artist SERGHEI GHETIU was born in Soroka, Moldova, but now lives in Klaipeda, Lithuania. His paintings are hanging in many parts of the world and he is not going to stop, he is constantly working on his skills, trying to improve.“Art for me is the emotions I get at work. I like to visualize my feelings and moods, so I draw everything without choosing one direction, because there are many things in this world that I want to capture in my paintings,whether it’s people, nature, or still life.My paintings reflect the state of my mind and emotions, which is why they are so vivid and full of details. ” Many years of painting experience allow the artist to paint and express himself quickly, without much searching. Let’s admire the artist’s drawings, which will soon become great postcards. 💌