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Arunas Vilkevicius – watercolor master, creator of realism

Arunas Vilkevicius is a self-taught furniture and watercolor artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. He has never studied art. For the past 30 years, his passion has been furniture art. He only recently discovered watercolor art in 2016.

“I loved painting when I was a child. I remember myself immersing into the beauty that surrounded me and painted it onto canvas or paper. I used different mediums – oils, pencils, ink. This was a childhood hobby and only now, it became my obsession. Watercolor was not a medium I felt comfortable using. I felt it was too unpredictable and I wasn’t ready to face the challenges it would bring. Life is a funny old thing. I do believe things happen for a reason! Certain events happened in my life and I stopped and listened to my intuition. This is when I discovered watercolor, which I felt so challenged by in the past. I decided to undertake these challenges, face my fears head on and explore the endless possibilities whilst at the same time, learning how to master this medium. Watercolor has very little room for errors but it also has no boundaries for lightness and self-expression! Since discovering watercolor and falling in love with this medium, I believe this is the beginning of my new life’s path filled with passion and purpose. I have a burning desire to learn and experiment. I am so blessed to walk the path where perfection doesn’t exist.“ 

Postcards by Arunas Vilkevicius