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The amazing beauty of Vilnius in Varvara Kalinina's drawings!

We present the artist Varvara Kalinina, for whom work has been an important part of life since she was little: “I have been drawing since childhood, because I was born into a family of artists. Dad - draws icons, mother - textile artist, draws on silk. So artistic blood flows through my veins.”

The most important thing for an artist is color: “I really like bright colors and natural colors. Although sometimes I want to create a picture in soft colors, an atmosphere of calm - such a picture provides lightness and coziness. Color is life, harmony, works of art soothe us after a hard day's work (various elements of nature: sea, sunrise, forest) or, on the contrary, it stimulates thoughts and creativity (mountain, travel landscapes, abstraction, bright large works). "

Let's admire Varvara's works, which will soon become great postcards !!!

Postcards by Varvara Kalinina